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Chris Christensen and Sheryl Hanna are Debt to Wealth Consultants as associates of United Financial Freedom which has a software program called Money Max that will help you to eliminate all your debt including your mortgage in 7 to 10 years instead of the 30 year plan your bank currentlyhas you on.

Think of the Money Max as your personal financial GPS, guiding you step bt step to eliminate all yor debt and then start building wealth, leading you to the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

The result? Less time paying off your debts and more money in your pocket for the things that matter most…your family, your home and the lifestyle you want.

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We are supporting one of the visionary minds behind an upcoming Global Financial Services Application, as an owners of the White Label Application branded to Fi Tech Quantum Financial Service

Our White Label App represents a paradigm shift in the financial realm, breaking free from traditional banking norms to usher in a new era of possibilities. Renowned investor Kevin O’Leary, or “Mr. Wonderful,” has succinctly articulated the transformative power of our platform in his enlightening video (Link included) .

Operating not as a conventional bank but as a trust, we possess a distinctive capability to cater to the needs of the unbanked populace. Moreover, our platform facilitates direct global client engagement, offering seamless integration of global currencies and crypto wallets within a single account. This unique feature empowers individuals worldwide to access financial services previously beyond their reach, thereby fostering financial inclusion on a global scale.
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